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代表取締役 石井源太

  Since our founding, Denken has undertaken the development of products extending over diverse fields in pursuit of our corporate motto "Offering the most advanced technology" to answer to the needs of the times. Our state-of-the-art products range from mechatronics, electronics to software and hardware systems.
Today, as we continue our growth as a general electronics and mechatronics company, we are committed to exploring and developing new business challenges while continuing to earn the confidence of both our domestic and overseas customers.
  It is our mission to pursue the interests of our customers, partners, and society without being limited by immediate returns. Utilizing our vast accumulated technologies and know-how, we will provide products and services that give full satisfaction to our customers. By always holding our "Customer First" and "On-the-Spot Decision-Making" principles in mind, we will continue to offer the "best solutions" that are both modern and in line with our diversifying customers' needs.
  We consider the survival of the earth to be mankind's greatest responsibility. We take actions, in all aspects of our business activities, aiming to contribute to a richer society in which people, nature, and industry live in harmony.

Genta Ishii
President & COO