Environmental Approach

DENKEN Co., Ltd. considers a sustainable society to be mankind's greatest responsibility. We have three different offices (Headquarters [Administration, SS, SE and PA Divisions], Electronic Device Division, and ML Division) that each have different regional environments. Each office has established its own environmental management system and worked with environmental conversation activities. All three offices acquired ISO-14001 Certification in May 2002 and are continuously working to reduce their environmental impact day by day. Please take a look at our efforts towards environmental conservation.

Environmental Report 2019

【Environmental Reports】

Registration Certificate
Headoffice、Electronic Device Division
Medical & Living Division、PA Division: Otsumachi Factory

Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Registration of Beauty Corps

The head office, electronic device division, and ML division are registered with the group Beauty Corps to participate in cleanup, energy saving, and reduction of garbage activities in our nearby surrounding areas.

うつくし隊本社 うつくし隊杵築 うつくし隊ML

Registration with ECO Oita Promotion Office

The head office and the Electronic Device Division are registered with the ECO Oita Promotion Office.