Year / MonthMajor Events
Oct.1975DENKEN ENGINEERING CO., LTD. was founded in Omich-machi, Oita-city
Jun.1976Headquarters were established at Omich-machi, Oita-city
Jun.1977New factory was built at Shinkawa-machi, Oita-city
Dec.1978Headquarters and Oita Plant were relocated to Otsu-machi, Oita
Aug.1985Kitsuki Plant began operations in Kitsuki, Oita
Apr.1988DENKEN SALES Co., Ltd was established
Nov.1989Won Oita's Small and Medium-sized Business Frontier Award
Jun.1990Headquarters and Oita Plant were relocated to Sekiden-machi, Oita
1992  Won Excellence in Enterprise Award (awarded by Texas Instruments Japan, Ltd.)
Oct.1994Won Oita's Small and Medium-sized Business Frontier Award
Apr.1995Opened Tokyo Sales Office
Nov.1995Acquired ISO-9002 Certificate at Kitsuki Plant
Feb.1997Headquarters were moved to Hasama-machi, Oita-city
Jul.1999Medical Division began operations in Musashi-machi, Oita
Aug.1999Acquired Medical Device Manufacturing License for ML Division
Oct.2001Company Name Changed to DENKEN Co., Ltd.
Nov.2001Processing Center began operations in Hatakenaka, Oita-city
May.2002Acquisition of a certificate ISO-14001 at Head office, Kitsuki Plant, ML Division
Nov.2003Acquired ISO-9001:2000 Certificate at Kitsuki Plant
Sep.2004Thailand Office began operations
Mar.2005Acquired Authorization for Sony OEM Green Partner
Oct.2005Taiwan Branch was established
Apr.2006Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry "Selected 300 Small and Medium-sized Small Businesses"
May.2006Acquired ISO-14001:2004 Certification at Headquarters
Aug.2006Acquired ISO-13485:2003 Certification at ML Division
Feb.2009Processing Center began operations in South-Oita, Oita
Apr.2009Acquired ISO-9001:2008 Certification at Kitsuki Plant
Apr.2009Line Surface Heating Element Factory began operations in Yasaka, Kitsuki-city
Apr.2010Korean Branch began operations
Apr.2011Mr. Genta Ishii assumed the position of COO and Mr. Shiro Ishii assumed the position of CEO/Chairman of the Board.
Apr.2011PV (Photovoltaic) Division began operations
Aug.2011Nagasaki Office began operations
Jul.2012Nagasaki Factory began operations in Hasami, Higashisonogi District
Sep.2012Tokyo Office was moved to Adachi-ku.
Nov.2012DENKEN began operations in the Solar Power Plant Industry
Apr.2013Solar Energy Division began operations
Jun.2013Solar Farm YUFU began operating
Feb.2014Solar Farm Saiki began operating
Apr.2014PV and Solar Energy Divisions were combined to form the Solar Division
Oct.2014Solar Farm Kumamoto Jounan and Solar Farm Usa began operating
Mar.2015Solar Farm Aso and Solar Farm Akagawa began operating
May.2015Solar Farm Ube began operating
Jun.2015Sheet Metal Processing and Machining/Fabricating Center were combined and began operations at the Onizaki Factory in Hasama-machi, Yufu-shi, Oita
Aug.2015Acquired ISO-9001:2008 Certification at Headquarters and Onizaki Factory
Aug.2015"New Power OITA Co., Ltd.", a subsidiary of DENKEN, was established and began operations
Sep.2016Acquired ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Certification at Electronic Device Division Laboratory
Oct.2016Solar Farm Houfu began operating
Nov.2016Osaka Office moved to Kitahorie Nishi, Osaka-city
Feb.2017Kanto Analysis Center and Chubu Office began operations
Nov.2017Established ML Kitsuki Factory in Minami-Kitsuki, Kitsuki-shi.