Greetings from the Business Manager

山本事業部長 ML Division's VISION
「To manufacture with Love and Inspiration while contributing to the health of the world.」

The ML Division develops, manufactures and sells potential/thermal combination therapy devices, home medical devices, and health and beauty devices.
In addition, we recently took on the challenge of entering into a new field with the successful development of our DRIVE Electrical Stimulation device for use by medical doctors. Our manufactured goods are sold by distributors all over Japan and around the world, especially in Asian countries. When our products are delivered to customers, we want them to feel our "Love" and "Inspiration" at the same time.
All of our staff are working hard everyday, with that feeling in their hearts. We will continue to pursue to manufacture products that create smiles all over the world.

ML Business Manager Mitsuhiro Yamamoto


Our Health Related Products

What is our DRIVE rehabilitation device?

It is a "new type of electrical stimulation rehabilitation device" aimed at restoring and improving motor functions of stroke, or other patients. It allows the therapist to customize the output of the device to cater to the symptoms of the patient by adjusting the "waveform", "number of channels", "timing", etc.

⇒More information on DRIVE here

What is our Health Mat?

The "health mat" produced at our factory is different from a regular electric blanket because of our "line heating element". The heating element produces "far infrared" heat, resulting in a sensation similar to being warmed by a charcoal fire.

⇒More information on our Potential / Thermal Mat here

Quality Approach

We have obtained ISO13485:2003 Certification for Medical Devices as defined by ISO(International Organization of Standardization). This certification shows that our Quality Management System conforms to International Standards and creates a stimulating opportunity for our employees to reaffirm their awareness of quality. We will continue to make further improvements to the quality of our employees and strive to provide "products", "craftmanship", and "services" that increasingly satisfy our customers.

If you would like a quotation or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!
Business hours: 8:30 to 17:30 Weekdays only

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