Solar Module Tester/DKSMT Series

  • Based on "IEC60891/JIS C 8914"
  • Based on "IEC60904-9/JIS C 8912"
  • Special characteristic measuring device for crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules
  • Applicable to Research and Development and mass production line

Solar Cell Tester/DKSCT SeriesSolar Module EL Tester

Special characteristic inspection device for crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules

Standard configuration

  • Automatic mass production mode
  • Manual measurement mode
  • Automatic illuminance calibration function
  • Repeatability measurement function
  • Register multiple products
  • Classification setting
  • Parameter settings and data storage
  • Self-diagnostic function of I-V tester

Standard accessories

  • Solar simulator Class A
  • I-V Tester,PC(Windows7)
  • Monitor cell with temperature control function
  • Temperature measuring unit
  • Uninterruptible Power System


Power1φ AC200V to 220V, 50/60Hz 3000VA or less
I-V TesterOutput voltageOutput range30V Range:-0.3V to +30V
300V Range:-0.3V to +300V
Output current-0.3A to +20A
Maximum power400W
Setting resolution1/30000 of Range
Setting accuracy+/-(0.1% FS+0.1% setting)
Measurement voltageMeasurement range3V Range:-0.3V to +3V
7.5V Range:-0.3V to +7.5V
15V Range:-0.3V to +15V
30V Range:-0.3V to +30V
75V Range:-0.3V to +75V
150V Range:-0.3v to+150V
300V Range:-0.3V to +300V
Measurement resolution1/30000 of Range
Measurement accuracy+/-(0.1% FS+0.1% setting)
Current measurementMeasurement range20A,10A,5A,2.5A,200mA
Measurement resolution1/20000 of Range
Measurement accuracy+/-(0.1% FS+0.1% setting)
Irradiance measurementMeasurement range+/-200mA
Measurement resolution+/-0.02mA
Measurement accuracy+/-(0.2mA+0.1% setting)
Thermal measurementMeasurement points3 points(Module, Monitor cell,Room temperature)
PCOSWindows 7 Professional
Dimensions W*D*H580 mm x 1700 mm x 700mm Not including protrusion

Solar simulator specifications

Spectral matchAM1.5G +/-25% Class A
Temporal instability of irradiance+/-1% Class A
Non-uniformity of irradiance+/-2% Class A
Irradiation Rangeto 1100mm*2000mm
Pulse durationto 10ms, to 100ms depends on model
Lamp lifeAverage 100,000 Flashes
Flash intervalMinimum 15 seconds(Initial charge:90 seconds)

Spectral match