Semiconductor equipment related

Semiconductor laser measuring machine

 In the semiconductor-related business, we offer automated equipment used for assembly and inspection of semiconductor and electronic parts.

 We will listen to customers' needs and develop equipment according to those needs. Utilizing the technological expertise we have accumulated overtime in equipment development, we have experience introducing equipment to many large companies.

 Our company operates with a collective management system from design to production, allowing us to work more closely with customers. We have received tremendously high trust in the transportation and measurement technology fields.

 We are able to respond to customer requests using our many achievements in IC-PKG transport inspection devices, large LSI/laser diode transport, inspection devices, liquid crystal glass panel transport devices, etc.

Main developments

Semiconductor laser measuring machine DKLDC-3500

Main Specifications
Target package CAN package
Experience of φ3.3 to φ11.4
Target wavelength 400 nm to 1000 nm
Inspection item I - L (pulse) measurement *option
I - L (CW) measurement
LD reverse current, leakage current measurement
FFP measurement
Polarization measurement
Wavelength measurement
Measurement specification Current measurement range: 0 to ± 1000 mA
Voltage measurement range: 0 to ± 8 V
Measurement range of light output: 0 to 1000 mW
Monitor PD Measurement range: 0 to ± 5 mA
Cycle time 2.5 seconds
* Depends on measurement parameter
Number of classifications Four good products (MAX), defective products
Supply / classification method Tray system
Supply tray changer × 1
Classification tray changer × 1
Feed Tray Flat x 3
NG BOX × 1
Utility AC 200 V (single phase) 3 kilovolt amperes (MAX) 50/60 Hz
Dry air 0.49 MPa
Device overview W 1400 × D 1100 × H 1750 mm(excluding convex portions)
Weight Approximately 800 kg

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