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President Genta Ishii

Our company, has set the bold challenge spirit as corporate culture since its establishment in 1975, has worked on business diversification proactively for improving stability and competitiveness during business subject becomes sophistication and complication with the times.

Currently, FA equipment related business, semiconductor related business, energy related business, bicycle parking lot business, health/medical equipment related business and Precision sheet metal machining business are as pillar of six businesses, and by expanding a wide range of products and services in a wide rage of fields, we have gained trust not only from domestic but also form oversea.

Also, We own "Shin Denryoku Ooita Co.,Ltd.." which develops power retailing business, "OAD-TEC Co.,Ltd.." which takes responsible for analog design and temporary staff business, "Ishii seimitsu industry Co.,Ltd.." which takes care of precision sheet metal machining and "DK TRADING Co., Ltd" which has trading company function, then we are proceeding group integrated management so that we are able to do high value added proposal to customers.

We , DENKEN GROUP, will brush up unique idea and technology to contribute realizing rich and sustainable society so we keep challenging day to day for customers, the earth and the future.

PresidentGenta Ishii

PHILOSOPHYManagement Principle

Mutual prosperityMutual prosperity

We pursue the unique value, and contribute society by developing with customer.

  1. 01To be thorough for customer first principle

    We should be a company and employee such as respected from customer.

  2. 02To be thorough a bottom up approach to management.

    DENKEN is manufacturing company. Aiming for number one company in terms of price, quality and delivery and getting reliability from customer.

  3. 03Challenging to everything without fear.

    Challenging to everything faithful to the basics and boldly.

  4. 04To pursue profit in a fair and square.

    As a result of our efforts which is through work and product.
    Gaining high profit, improving a life of employees, return to shareholders.

  5. 05Company which considers the environment.


Name of company.
June 1976
President Genta Ishii
Amount of employees
478 people(As of April 2022, Including contract employees)
Paid-up capital
75.2 million yen
Main bank
Oita bank, Howa bank, Shoko Chukin, Iyo bank
Main business content
FA equipment related businessVarious FA automatic measurement test equipment.
Development and manufacturing of power supply for testing.
Bicycle parking lot related business.Development and manufacturing of bicycle parking lot control system.
Semiconductor related businessFailure analysis/various reliability test contract business.
Post-process contract, Prototype contract
Medical equipment related businessMedical and health related equipment manufacture and sale.
Carbon SENMEN heater manufacture and sale.
Energy related businessSolar power battery inspection equipment.
Retail electricity business support.
Sheet metal related businessSheet metal/machining
Officer introduction
ChairmanShiro Ishii
PresidentGenta Ishii
Senior Managing DirectorHideo Sato
Executive DirectorKenji Yamano
Executive DirectorTaro Honda
DirectorKazunori Tsuruhara
DirectorSusumu nakatsuka
DirectorKentaro Ono
External directorNobuhide Takano
(Ishii Seimitsu Industry Co.,Ltd.)
External directorTetsunosuke Todaka
(Todaka Kougyousha Co.,Ltd.)
External directorShigeru Abe
(Lawyer Itsuki law office)
External directorYoichi Honda
(Nihou accounting Honda office)


Established at Otsu-machi, Oita-city
Kitsuki plant (Current Electronics division) was newly established and started up operation at kitsuki-shi, Oita.
Medical division(Current Health Care division) was newly established at Musashi-machi, Oita.
Company name was changed from Denken Engineering Co.,Ltd... to DENKEN Co.,Ltd...
Machining center was newly established at Hatanaka, Oita-city.
Sony OEM Green Partner certified.
Group company, DENKEN Sales Co.,Ltd.., was certified to manufacture pachislot machine from Oita prefecture public safty commission.
Carbon senmen heater plant was newly established at Yasaka, Kitsuki-city(Current Health Care division Yasaka plant).
Genta Ishii was appointed as President. Shiro Ishii was appointed as Chairman.
PV division launched.
Entering mega solar business.
Energy division launched.
Solar division launched, by integrating with PV division and Energy division.
Anizaki plant was newly established, and Machining Center and Sheet Metal Machining Center was consolidated(Current : Metal Solution division).
Osaka office relocated to Kitahorie Nishi- ku, Osaka-city.
Kanto analysis center/Chubu analysis center opened.
ML Kitsuki plant(Current: Health Care division) was newly established at Minami Kitsuki, Kitsuki-city.
May 2018
Tokyo office relocated to Taito-ku, Tokyo.
Headquarters plant relocated at Onizaki Hasama-machi.
Name of three divisions, "Electronic Device division", "ML division", "PA division", changed to "Electronics division", "Health Care division" and "Parking division".

ORGANIGRAMOrganization chart

Organization chart


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