ABOUTIntroducing our division

Designing mobility scene.

Creating the scene of markets, industry, region and society related to get around.

We think to be able to create new value to the space through parking equipment. From now on, we provide a new service. And we are willing to contribute to society through those services.
We are setting up an integrated system to perform development, manufacturing, sales and service as the organization to realize those services.
We will support from introduction to after-sales service, so please feel free to ask us if you have any inquiry.

ADVANTAGEThe reason why we are chosen.

  1. 01Adaptability

    We flexibly deal with a sense of speed in all aspect of sales, technology and services for customers request.

  2. 02Development capability.

    We always think about functions and products which are needed currently, and we make them productization rapidly then bring to the market.

  3. 03Quality assurance.

    We have an environmental laboratory, conduct virous strict tests and provide safe and secure products by quality control collaborated with the quality assurance department.



  • Kantou area

    Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

    Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

  • Kansai area

    Osaka-city, Osaka

    Osaka-city, Osaka

  • kyushu area

    Chuou-ku Fukuoka-city, Fukuoka

    Chuou-ku Fukuoka-city, Fukuoka

FLOWFlow of dealing.

  1. Inquiry.(Web site, Phone call)

  2. Consultaion・Field survey(Surveying support)

    We will contact you from nearest staff.
    We will conduct field survey(Surveying) adjusting the schedule.
    We take customer's request and user's needs into account, suggesting you the best layout and also a consultation of control and operation is available.

  3. Quotation・Contract

    We will suggest the most suitable bicycle parking lot based on the contents of consultation and field survey(Surveying support).
    When you satisfy the contents of equipment composition, layout, price, construction date and management, we will contract you.

  4. Equipment installation

    We carry out including bicycle parking equipment, civil engineering work such as drawing line on the road, installation work of roof and signboard, electric work such as wiring of LAN/power supply.

  5. After sales service.

    We conduct not only manufacturing and sales of bicycle parking equipment, but also maintenance after bicycle parking lot installation as after-sales service work.
    The emergency call center is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so we can deal with any emergency.

FAQFrequently asked questions

What kind of way is the operation supported?
Each products is supported periodic and temporary usage.
I would like to request a catalog of equipment. How can I request it?
Please contact us from inquiry page.
Is it possible to customize the fare adjustment machine such as changing the color?
It is possible to change the color. Furthermore, we accept developing the original product that the customer requests.

OFFICESales office

  • Takasaki plant

    97-1 Takasaki Hasama-machi Yufu-city, Oita
    TEL:+81-97-583-5598 FAX:+81-97-583-5840

  • Tokyo office

    SumitomoLift HigashiKanda  Bldg, 6F
    5-15, 2-Chome, Higasikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
    TEL:+81-3-6806-3755 FAX:+81-3-6240-9096

  • Yokohama office

    #101 Nisho No.16 building, 3-8-8, Shinyokohama, MinatoKita-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
    TEL:+81-45-548-4626 FAX:+81-3-6240-9096

  • Osaka office

    #305 Shinkosan building, Yotsubashi, 1-5-2, Kitahorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka[Google Map]
    TEL:+81-6-6586-6571 FAX:+81-6-6586-6671

  • Fukuoka office

    Sanraihu No. 3 Bldg, 6F
    TEL:+81-92-686-8627 FAX:+81-92-686-8501

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