Metal solution

ABOUTIntroducing our division

Realize what you want to manufacture.

The staffs who have assured technology will make customer's idea into products.

We are technology and will support from conceptual design to precision sheet metal, precision machinery processing, painting and assembly totally.
Please tell us your ideas. We will support the process from drawing creation prototype and mass production as a professional of manufacturing. Multiple product and small lot product are also available.

ADVANTAGEThe reason why we are chosen.

  1. 01Active and proposal capabilities.

    We will suggest suitable plan that salespersons who are well versed with technology hearing the customer's request.

  2. 02Consistency support from design to mass production.

    Consistency support from design to mass production.

  3. 03High Quality Manufacturing.

    We will pursue the high quality with latest equipment and skill of JIS technical qualification holder's skill.



  • Medical equipment.

    Equipment cover. Internal parts(Sheet metal, Cutting)

  • FA・Automation equipment.

    Robot, Sheet metal around control, Plate working , Cutting parts.

  • Semiconductor device.

    Equipment cover. Internal parts(Sheet metal, Cutting)

  • Railroad vehicle.

    Roof cover, Intel, Driver's seat, Display board in the vehicle.

  • Agricultural machine.

    Welding jig for vehicle, Design, Cutting, Assembly.

  • Specialized Vehicle.

    Core part cutting processing, Specialized sheet metal parts.

  • Infrastructure related.

    Waterproof related.

  • Parking lot.

    Payment machine, Accessories.

  • Payment machine

    Equipment's housing.


FAQFrequently asked questions

Can I ask for surface processing?
We can handle throughout to painting. Solvent and powder baking coating is possible. We can accept plating process by collaborating with a few of surface processing companies alliance with our company.
Please tell us about the quality control system.
We are ISO9001certified factory. Under the control of quality assurance department, we have become thorough inspection system.
Could you cooperate to develop of new products?
Experienced technicians can deal with it by our suggestion.
Can I request only cutting processing?
We have two fiber laser combination machine so that it is possible for mass production until cutting and tapping. We have confidence of blank capacity.
What kind of material is available?

【Fiber laser combination machine】
Cutting for steal, stainless, aluminum, copper and titanium is available. Thickness is up to 6mm.

【Co2 laser】

Cutting for steel, stainless and aluminum is available. Thickness is up to 20mm.
Experienced employees deal with latest vertical MC, surface grinder and wire cutting electric discharge.

CLIENTBusiness partner

*Japanese syllabary order.

  • Asahi Kokusai Techneion Co.,Ltd.

  • Izumi Motor Car Co., Ltd.

  • ISEKI & CO., LTD.

  • Ebara Corporation

  • Kanno Works,Ltd.

  • Kumamoto sanso Co., Ltd.


  • J.E.T. CO., LTD.

  • Nikkei Sangyo Co., Ltd.

  • Nihon Pit Co., LTD.

OFFICESales office

  • Onizaki plant

    690-4,Onizaki,Hasama-machi, Yufu-shi,Oita
    TEL:+81-97-583-5455 FAX:+81-97-583-5466

  • Okayama office

    #105 New Station,318,Uramishinden,Konko-cho,Asakuchi-shi,Okayama

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