NEW BUSINESS Effort to new fields

Why challenge?

Currently, the world is changing.
It is breakneck speed so that our imagine and development of system can not follow.

"We think that it is important keep challenging to survive the business environment changes rapidly.
For social issue and environment problem expressing along with environment change, contributing to the society and building up the business model which supports our company's future will be attempt of New business promotion office and Technical center."

ACTIONAttempt for challenge.

To commercialize and make intellectual property the ideas from employees by the business plan system.

  • AI Technology.

    AI Technology.

    Research and development which is used by open source deep learning library. Expansion by existing visual inspection business.

  • Circuit Technology.

    Circuit Technology.

    Pursuit of sensor, battery and wireless(Telecommunication).
    Exploring a new business(Medical, Infrastructure) as micro controllers and embedded devices(Iot) combined with single board computers.

ACHIVEMENTDevelopment results.

  • AI × Image

    AI × Image

    We have track records of selling production facilities equipped with AI functions to major manufacturers for image inspection of semiconductor devices and final shipping inspection of sprouts after packed.

  • AI × Circuit technology.

    AI × Circuit technology.

    Participation in a development project by industry-academia-government collaboration. We are progressing the utilization of other fields(Infrastructure) of AI functions.

  • Medical × Circuit technology.

    Medical × Circuit technology.
  • Space × Circuit technology.

    Space × Circuit technology.
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