Health care

ABOUTIntroducing our division

Just Health

Health is not the special thing. It is daily life as usual.
We will aim to be a company delivering such a daily life.

Denken Health Care division designs, manufactures and sales of home medical apparatus and helth・beauty equipment such as electric potential/heat combination home medical equipment.
The products that we manufactured are selling to all over Japan and also various country focus on Asian countries through the sales company.

ADVANTAGEThe reason why we are chosen.

  1. 01Consistent service from design development to after sales service.

    We will provide development of the products, design, prototyping, manufacturing, delivery and also after sales service to the customers.

  2. 02Quality management conformed to ISO.

    We will take care of customer's request with quality management ability acquired by ISO 13485 certification.

  3. 03 Production results over one hundred thousand units.

    We have confidence because we have product results over one hundred thousand units of home medical apparatus and health equipment.

SERVICEIntroducing our services.


Our products

For general customers.


CLIENTBusiness partner.

Japanese syllabary order.

  • Asao Seni Kogyo Co., Ltd.


  • ADTEC Co., Ltd.

  • EH Inc.

  • KITAZAWA Corporation.

  • Daitobo Co., Ltd.

  • Marutaka Co., Ltd.

  • Romance Kosugi Co., Ltd.

  • Other medical related trading companies

FLOWFlow of transactions.

※Incase of OEM/ODM.

  1. Inquiry.

  2. Meeting.

  3. Suggestion for quotation.

  4. Design・Development.

  5. Sample production(When necessary)

  6. Purchase order(Sales order)

  7. Manufacturing(Mass production)

  8. Delivery.

  9. After sales service.

FAQFrequently asked questions

In case of OEM or ODM, is it possible to procure the parts?
Yes, it is possible. We have the base at domestic and foreign so that we will procure the parts according to customer's needs.
What is Carboflatex?
It is a heater with insulating outer skin on a woven fabric which is woven exothermic thread by multilayer coating with conductive paint. Our heater has a unique structure, various characteristics and safty not found in other surface heater. It is flexible and easy to stick to curved surface, so the way of usage will be infinite depend on the customer's idea.
Click here for more information.
I would like to handle your products. What should I do?
Please contact us from inquiry form.
Is it possible for product demonstration and rent out the product?
We are sorry. We do not make those services.
I would like to have product brochure.
You would be able to download the brochure from the each product page.
I would like to know the time zone when the toll-free number is connected.
Reception hours : Weekday from 9:00 to 17:30.
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