ABOUTIntroducing our division

Study a science of electronics.

We will support the challenge to the next generation through electronics.

"Business circumstance has changed significantly since 2020. Move to other district has restricted and the new normal era when face to face is no longer ordinary.
On the other hand, all fields such as AI, automatic drive, sensing, decarbonization society and 5G are in need the power of new electronics simultaneously.
Study a science of electronics as starting point of Electronics division, we will provide development and technology service motivated by cross sector business expansion ability."

ADVANTAGEThe reason why we are chosen.

  1. 01Integrated production.

    We will deal from design to packaging, inspection and reliability with full turnkey.

  2. 02Evaluation Analysis Technology.

    In addition to the secure environment and quick response, knowledge of electronics which cultivated over many years.

  3. 03manufacturing technology.

    Monozukuri support by integrated production from our suggestion to after sales service for solving your problem.


EQUIPMENTIntroducing our equipments.


  1. 01Annual total transaction number is 2000.

    "We have 2000 of annual total transaction number in our division.
    We have granted the various requests from small deal to big project."

  2. 02Wealth of experience in automotive field.

    "We are accredited laboratory of ISO 17025.
    Many customers are used for device technology of automobiles which is progressing electronization."

  3. 03Testing by in-house production equipment.

    Integrated contract from equipment development to actual operations by internal cooperation can realize the goal quickly without bothering customers because of the task is proceeding by internal adjustment.

FAQFrequently asked questions

How can I request technical consultation and estimation?
In case of e-mail is here. Phone call is appreciated so please feel free to contact us. We will also support web meeting.
Would it be possible to ask the consultation of vague question?
"Yes, it is possible. After technical staff hears your question carefully, We will consider to extract the problem that the customer has and whether to solve the problem.
We will also support web meeting."
How are analysis samples security?
Please rest assured that the samples are monitored by security camera and entry restriction management.
Is it possible to consult with a proposition that is hard to judged whether it can be analyzed?
Yes, it is possible. The person in charge hears your proposal sufficiently and advices about your problem then considers propriety of analysis. So please feel free to contact us.
Do you deal with evaluation test and reliability test?
Yes, we do. Not only evaluation and analysis of development products but also reliability and certification test service are available.
What kind of products is possible to develop?
It is possible for embedded development about testing equipment and manufacturing equipment, such as electrical design, software development, structure/housing/mechatronics.
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