QUALITY Effort to quality

Establishment of quality assurance system which is applicable for business management.

Our company bases on management principle of customer first priority, building the strong quality management system as a unit, working on a maintenance improvement, improving customer satisfaction and improving the quality are as eternal theme, quality assurance department takes central expectation and makes an effort to continuous improvement.

POLICY & GOALQuality policy・Objective

Quality policy

"Deeping" and "Evolving"

Creating added value centered on human resources and technology. Evolving into a sustainable company and continuing to be the company of choice for our customers.

Quality Objective

  • We will provide products and services that satisfy QMS standard requirements,customer requirements, and lows and regulations.
  • We will work on continuous improvement to improve customer satisfuction.
  • We will ensure thorough communication inside and outside the organization to achieve quality targets.

April, 2023
President and CEO Genta Ishii


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ACTIONEffort to quality improvement

We check and evaluate the line to guarantee the product which is manufactured to satisfy the customer's specification, and also delivery the product following the design review rule before shipping.
We work on to secure the human resources with resources and ability to accomplish production realization process with the QMS as core based on ISO9001.

Quality assurance

  • QC工程図(Quality Control) Click the image to expand.

    Quality control process chart

    It is a design document about one product, determine the process from materials accepting, manufacturing until shipping, find the waste at the manufacturing stage and clarify the reason of process change,using as the tool that manager can control whole process easily.

  • Certification of inspector. Click the image to expand.

    Certification of inspector.

    Inspectors are educated and certified to clarify their ability for accomplishing the work.

  • Certification of inspector.

    Measuring equipment calibration

    Measuring equipment of mechanism and electricity are calibrated makes guarantee the quality by manufacturing accurate dimension and value following specification of design.

  • Shipping inspection

    Shipping inspection

    We judge the product to match the specification of customer before shipping.
    If nonconformity is confirmed, it can not ship until the correction is completed.

Human resources

To be conscious about quality, we work on understanding importance of quality having new employee training, assigned destination training, specialty training and company wide training.

  • State of company wide training.

    State of company wide training.

  • State of stratified training.

    State of stratified training.

  • State of new employee training

    State of new employee training.

  • State of specialty training (1).

    State of specialty training (1).

  • State of specialty training (2).

    State of specialty training (2).

For customer satisfaction improvement

A customer satisfaction survey
A customer satisfaction survey
We implement a customer survey based on the purpose of offering a quality which is relief and reliable by having a communication with customer.
We are striving business improvement towards a frank opinion of customer.

Certification of inspector.
Click the image to expand.

Internal audit

As c(check) of PDCA cycle, performance evaluation of each process activity is carried out.
As opportunity for improvement and also top management revue, a horizontal expansion is held.

  • Internal audit

  • Internal audit

  • Internal audit

ISOIso obtainment status

※The year and month indicate the acquisition date    

Headquarters factorySystem Solution division
Innovation center
Administrative division
Quality Assurance department
Solar Energy divisionOct.2020

EMS development division
Takasaki plantParking division
Onizaki plantMetal Solution division
Morie plantElectronics divisionNov.1995
Minamikitsuki plantHealth care divisionJun.2011
Yasaka plant
Chubu officeElectronics division
Chubu evaluation center

ISO9001/ISO14001 certification

  • ISO9001/ISO14001 certification
  • Click on the registration certificate is available browsing appendix.
    ISO9001 certification
  • ISO9001 certification
  • ISO14001 certification

ISO27001 certification

  • ISO/IEC27001 certification
  • ISO/IEC27001 certification

ISO13485 certification

  • ISO13485 certification
  • ISO13485 certification

ISO/IEC17025 accreditation

  • ISO/IEC17025 accreditation
  • ISO/IEC17025 accreditation
  • A2LA accreditation


Contents related to quality are reported in "SOCIAL: Effort to Quality". Please take a look.

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