PRIVACY POLICY Personal information protection policy.

About our personal information protection.

We deeply recognize about importance of protection for the information which can identify individual(Hereinafter referred to as personal information.) and think that it is our social responsibility taking care of a personal information properly, we will declare to endeavor to protect personal information based on the following policy,

1. Compliance with laws and regulations.
We will obey, in executing the business handling personal information, the law about personal information protection, other related laws, guide line, industry self-regulations and company regulations, etc.
2. Acquire personal information
We acquire a personal information by legal and fair way.
3. Usage of personal information.
We will use personal information for the purpose of use which has disclosed in advance, or within the purpose of use indicated at the time of acquisition, and in so far as it is necessary for the performance of business.
We will be shared personal information among the third party, and when we entrust handling of personal information to a third party, after investigating these third parties strictly, we supervise properly to maintain the confidentiality.
4. Provision to third party of personal information.
We will not provide personal information to the third party without getting an agreement of particular person to be identified by personal information previously.
5. Safty control measures of personal information.
  1. We will be thorough the daily safty control to maintain accuracy and currency of personal information.
  2. We will carry out proper precautionary measures for preventing lost of personal information, destruction, falsify, leakage, unauthorized computer access and invading of computer virus. In case something is happened about these things, we will take corrective action immediately.
  3. We will not leak personal information due to take out it and sent to the outside of company.
6. Disclosure of information・Correction・Suspend the use・Erasing.
We will confirm that the person has the right to request disclosure, correction, suspend the use and erasing, etc. about personal information of self, and in case these demands request, we will response properly and immediately.
7. Organization・System.
"We recognize that managing personal information appropriately is social commitment, appoint administrator about handling of personal information each division and carry out proper management of personal information. We will implement training about personal information protection and proper management method to the all people involved who pursue the work such as officer, employee, part-time employee, contract employee, then we will be thorough on appropriate handling of personal information in terms of daily work."
8. Compliance program about personal information protection.
We will enact compliance program, including the policy, personal information protection regulation and other regulations, to carry out this policy and will implement and maintain it to make sure our employee and the other people concerned know. We will strive proper management of personal information through continuous review and improvement.
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