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One for all for the future

In order to support activities aimed at the realization of a decarbonized society on a global scale, we are engaged in a wide range of energy-related businesses, including the development and manufacture of solar cell inspection equipment, the construction of solar power plants, and the establishment of our subsidiary, ”pps-oita.”.

We believe that utilizing these experiences and responding to customer needs in various phases will lead to the realization of a decarbonized society.
Denken is committed to "Produce electricity locally, consume it locally" in its hometown of Oita, which is rich in natural energy.

ADVANTAGEReasons to choose us

  1. 01Integrated services including development, design, manufacturing, and after-sales service

    We provide a full range of services to our customers, from product development, design and manufacturing to after-sales service.

  2. 02Design and manufacturing in Japan

    We are designing and manufacturing on any projects based at our own plant. (Takasaki Plant in Oita prefecture ).

  3. 03Rich experience

    We have a long track record of delivering equipment in Japan and overseas. We have experience in supporting the start-up of new regional power companies and CIS customers throughout Japan.


Solar cell inspection system

Photovoltaic module measurement and inspection

Business support and consulting for regional Power Producer and Supplier

CLIENTOur customers

※Japanese syllabary order

  • 伊勢志摩電力株式会社
  • いとしま電力株式会社
  • 株式会社エイワット
  • おいでんエネルギー株式会社
  • 株式会社しおさい電力
  • 新電力いばらき株式会社
  • 新電力おおいた株式会社
  • ふくしま新電力株式会社
  • 株式会社ぶんごおおのエナジー
  • 株式会社みやきエネルギー
  • 宮崎電力株式会社

  • やめエネルギー株式会社

FAQFrequently asked questions

Related to solar cell

What module sizes does the solar simulator support?
Available for cell sizes M10 and M12. Please contact us for details.
How do you measure a module with high-efficiency cells?
It is possible to measure with a longer irradiation time, but there is also a function to measure with a shorter measurement time by using calculation. Please contact us for details.
I would like to request the measurement of a module. Please let me know the specifications of the panels available.
We have a module tester with an irradiation range of 1,100mm x 2,000mm for the measurement purpose permanently installed in-house.

Business support for regional power producer and supplier

We have already started an electricity retail business. Can you handle the migration of our existing customer data?
Although we have experience with this, will need to check your current system. Please contact us for details.
Can you support not only power sales plans, but also power purchase plans generated by a solar power plant that has reached its post-FIT?
It is available.
Is there a function to support the creation of monthly reports and yearly reports?
We are currently developing a new function to automatically create reports that goes one step further than the current support function. Please contact us for details.
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