Semiconductor Electrical Test

Consignment of Electrical Test

We conduct electrical tests (Final Test) of the completed (packaged) LSI products.。
We support testing analog devices, logic devices, other electronic parts, modules, application products, and etc. We will perform tests according to the customer's specifications, regardless of evaluation type, trial production, or mass production with our many years of mass production experience and know-how. We accept orders for every phase, from the initial study of test selection and evaluation to individual correspondence, such as design only.

◆Electrical Test Flow

Acceptance Of Test Specification~Initial Study
We will determine the test/measurement type and equipment for the test model, based on the data sheets supplied,
the specifications of our equipment.

Test Board Design~Assembly ・ Wiring
We will design the test board based on the desired basic specifications and perform assembly wiring (assembly/wiring will be outsourced).

Program Design~Coding
We will design the test program and perform coding based on the device being used and test board specifications.

We will confirm the validity of the measurement results from the created program and test board.

Selection and evaluation will be performed, based on confirmed valid program and test board results. (The cost will be estimated separately)

◆Line Up

Tester Line Up
Manufacturer Model Number of Pin
Yokogawa Electric Corporation DIC8034E_E 128
Handler Line Up
Manufacturer Model Support PKG


Consignment of Semiconductor Feasibility Test

We are able to offer feasibility tests in accordance with customers' specifications due to our abundant mass production know-how.

■Introduction of Manual Operation Concept

The operator will not make the judgement→The concept is for them to guide the operation

実機テスト1 実機テスト2
Feasibility Test for Video Camera Feasibility Test for Medical Camera Devices

We are able to introduce support tools that reduce quality risks and reduce costs by performing multi-machine handling that produces ideal test times.

We will construct our operation support tools to right from the start.

Please feel free to contact us about anything pertaining to semiconductor electrical tests.