DENKEN's Special SENMEN Heater

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Classification of SENMEN Heater

The planar heater is classified as follows, according to the "feeding method" and the "heating element shape".

Classification by Feeding Method
Series ConnectionThe electrodes are connected by a single wire.イメージ画像
Parallel ConnectionA plurality of heating elements are connected in parallel between the two electrodes.イメージ画像
Classification by Heating Element Shape
Series Connection TypeHeated electric wire typified by Nichrome wire is processed into a planar shape.
Surface HeatherA type in which the conductor is uniformly fixed on cloth or film, and the entire surface is uniformly heated.
SENMEN HeaterLinear heating elements are densely arranged in a planar manner, generating heat without temperature unevenness, like the surface heater, but with the safety of the line heater.

Mechanisms of the SENMEN Heater

Conductive ThreadIt is a thread through which electricity can pass due to the conductive coating specially formulated into fibers.
Heater StructureThe electrode wires are arranged on both sides, with resistors connected in parallel. This structure allows a constant even temperature throughout that will not be affected by the cutting size, even just above the heater.イメージ画像
Cross Section of Heating SectionIt is interlaced using insulation for warp thread and conductive yarn for weft thread.イメージ画像
Laminated Material
Vinyl Chloride"
Sufficient insulation performance in indoor use. (The photo shows after the heater has been cut and the lead wires attached. The insulation patch (PVC + PET) has been thermally welded.) イメージ画像

Characteristics of SENMEN Heater

SENMEN heater is one of a kind in the world, with a unique structure not found in other heaters.
Not only does it provide uniform heat generation without temperature unevenness, the calorific value is constant even if the dimension in the longitudinal direction changes. "

Stable Heating Capability
Even if the length of the line heater changes or the output changes, the generated temperature remains constant.
With series electrode heaters…
When the length of the heater changes, the output power is affected, which in turn affects the heat generation capacity.
With parallel electrode line heaters…
The length of the line surface heater of a parallel electrode can be changed without changing the electrode width, therefore not affecting the heat generation. This allows the length to be adjusted freely.
Easy Temperature Setting

When the change in design occurs, the desired output setting can be easily adjusted by changing the weaving density of the conductive yarn.

With surface heaters…
When the design changes occur, it is difficult to obtain the desired heat generation levels as coating thickness and conductivity must be changed. Often thickness variations and uneven heat generation will occur.

With the SENMEN Heater…
When design changes occur, the output can be freely adjusted simply by changing the weaving density of the conductive yarn.


Large Electric Capacity

Since each wire of the electrode wire band is short-circuit bound with patented electrodes, the total capacity of each wire becomes "the capacity of the electrode wire band" allowing larger electric capacities.
This structure allows for very long product lengths.

Handling Precautions

Please observe the following matters when designing the line surface heating element and processing the product.

Control the heater surface temperature so that it is below 80 ℃
Control the heater surface temperature so that it is below 80 ℃.
If it gets higher than this temperature, the heater body may be thermally deformed.
Once thermal deformation occurs, it does not return to its original form.

No Superposition
Heating parts of the heater can not be overlapped.
Abnormal heat will be generated in the overlapping areas, causing heat to escape abnormally causing damage to the heater.

Lifespan of Product
Not limited to just SENMEN heaters, but all heaters have lifetime limits. Please be aware that the heater is a consumable product. The lifespan will be greatly influenced by the design and use of the product. In general, the lower the watt density (output ÷ effective heating area), the longer the service life. Also, it is important to inspect the heater throughout its lifespan, checking for abnormal heat generation due to wire fuses, disconnections, perforations, or deterioration to safely ensure the reliability of your product.
Engineers often visit us during product planning stages. Please do not hesitate to consult with us.

Stock List

Product width: We have products ranging from 26 cm to 80 cm.
Please send us your inquiries.

Standard Inventory Varieties
ProductProduct Specifications
SM74 Electrode width 74 cm, Product width 80 cm
SM54 Electrode width 54 cm, Product width 60 cm
SM43 Electrode width 43 cm, Product width 50 cm
SM32 Electrode width 32 cm, Product width 37 cm
SM19 Electrode width 19 cm, Product width 26 cm

"The standard products are all PVC shells.The heat generation capacity Δt is determined by the output per 1 cm 2 and the watt density The heat generation capacity Δt is about 15 ° C to 40 ° C.
Heater surface temperature = ambient temperature + heat generation capacity + α (depending on heat radiation condition).
It is necessary to control so that the heater surface does not exceed 80 ℃. "

Production of Customer Orders

Custom sizes and outputs are also available.Please contact us.