Product Developments

 Denken handles home medical equipment and health related equipment primarily from planning all the way to final manufacturing. In order to shape the idea for a medical device that your company holds, we will respond urgently with the design→prototyping→regulatory applications in order to get your product on the market as quickly as possible. Let us help you by utilizing our technical capability, production facilities, regulatory experience, and overall know-how.

Potential OEM Product Idea

       ◆Do you get troubled with these things?

       ●I would like to deal with the medical industry but how do I market my product…
       ●I would like to develop and achieve my idea but…
       ●How do I cope with only a small lot?

       If you are searching for Product Development or OEM Manufacturing,
       be sure to consult with our company at least once.

OEM Development ・Manufacturing

 From product development, design, prototyping, manufacturing, and final packaging, we will develop a complete system to create your original brand products.

 Meeting・Planning  Design・Development  Production・Inspection  Shipment・Delivery
Consult with customers about their ambitions for product image, desired quantities, etc. In addition, we will respond with advice regarding product creation and how we can meet with requests. Based on the details you request,we will shape a product according to the image you desire. Utilizing skills that we have developed through many years of experience and under the same quality control of our completed products, we will manufacture your product carefully and perform the appropriate inspections prior to shipment. Each finished product will be packaged carefully and shipping and delivery arranged according to your requests.

OEM Medical Equipment

In order to manufacture and sell medical equipment, it is required to receive permission, according to the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device Act, etc. Denken already holds the required certification of "Medical Equipment Manufacturer" and "Type 2 Medical Device Manufacturer and Distribution".
In addition, we will abide by the quality control strength obtained in our ISO 13485 certification for product manufacturing.

If you would like a quotation or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!
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