Company Branded

ピュアメイト エンジョイドーム] リラックスクラブ バランスクラブ ピュアメイトRV

●Standard Model
Strong thermal care to the shoulder area

●Standard Model
(Made with high-performance materials)

●Light Weight Type
(Thermal treatment for the lower body area)

●Small type

●Multi Functional Top Model
(with Massage Function)

   ※Production has been suspended.

Health-related equipment using our self-manufactured "line heating element"

岩盤浴ベッド 岩盤浴寝袋 足宝 温巻

●Rock Bath System
(Real dome type)

●Rock Bath System
(Compact and Lightweight Type)

●Foot Bath Type

●Belt type

   ※Production has been suspended.

Other OEM brand products utilizing our self-manufactured "line heating element"


●Bread Fermenter
Fermenter (Electric type also available)
「Little Box」With moderate temperature and humidity, it produces plump delicious bread.

OEM Production


●Massage Machine
(OEM device produced for MARUTAKA)


●Low-Frequency Therapy Equipment
(OEM device produced for MARUTAKA)

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