Onizaki factory of sheet metal ・ machining ・ painting

  DENKEN precision sheet metal machining solution for industrial and FA machine applications


~We will pursue our own value and deliver quality products that will satisfy our customers.~


工場長 Since our establishment, we have been designing and developing semiconductor manufacturing related equipment. As one part of our business diversification from this time our factory started from a place to participate in the management of a small factory in Oita city.
Initially we steadily upgraded and expanded our business with the aim of manufacturing various FA devices, which we developed, designed and manufactured by other business divisions in the company, in metal processed parts.We have built a new factory in the metalworking industry in 2015 and can respond to various demands.
At present, it is becoming possible to efficiently produce metal sheet metal working, machine (cutting) processing, painting at our factory, and we are working to simultaneously perform highly accurate machining on low-cost sheet metal products Hybrid processed items are also possible.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you can consult us.

DENKEN Onizaki Factory
Factory manager
Takafumi Aoki

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What's New

-August 1, 2017: Full renewal.

Past update history

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Introduction video

Factory bird's-eye view

*Aerial view with our drone

Factory operation scenery

*I am taking pictures with special permission.

Oita prefecture manufacturing company posted video

Oita Prefecture Corporate Location Promotion Division.

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Business contents

We manufacture and procure processed parts according to customer's specifications in addition to parts for our own equipment.

Sheet metal processing



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Shipment inspection system ensuring high quality


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About our factory

DENKEN Onizaki Factory MAP

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Zip code 879-5501 690-4 Onizaki Hasama Town, Yufu City, Oita Prefecture

Because Yufu city has a strong image of Yufuin hot springs(Yufuin Onsen), many people think that our factory is located in the mountains in the countryside very much.
However, adjacent to Oita city, the prefecture's capital city, various delivery services are treated almost like Oita city.
In addition, Yufuin and Beppu hot springs(Onsen) can be reached by car or train in about 30 minutes.

Access Please confirm from the common page for details.
* Our head office factory is about 10 minutes by car.

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