Approach to quality

In accordance with the quality policy listed above, Denken is a manufacturer of electronics and mechatronics that strives to co-prosper with our customers by continually improving on product development, quality, production, and sales.


With a quality management system based on ISO 9001, we strive to be a company that not only pleases our customers, but also is trusted by both our customers and local communities.


Quality Policy

【Mutual Prosperity】

We will respond to customers' needs from both inside and outside of our organization using our "Customer First" and "Quality First" principles. We will also continuously strive to improve our QMS while providing products and services that fulfill our customers' requirements.


Quality Goals

  • We will provide products and services that fulfill the customer's requirements.
  • We will strive for continual improvement and customer satisfaction.
  • We will communicate thoroughly both inside and outside of our organization to achieve our quality targets.

    Status of Acquired ISO Certifications

    Head Office FactoryOO
    Takasaki FactoryOO
    Metal Solution DivisionOO
    Electronic Device DivisionOO O
    ML Division OO