Solar Power Plant Monitoring System

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Sky Keeper
Monitoring system for solar power plants
Sky Keeper WEB version
Access data anytime, anywhere
Sky Keeper Lite
Monitoring system for low-voltage power generating facilities

Monitoring system for Solar Power Plants [Sky Keeper]

Accurately confirm the amount of generated power

A dedicated monitor displays important information, such as total generated power and changes in power generation levels
The Sky Keeper software accurately determines the amount of electricity being generated and sold by reading the pulse of the power meter.

Security camera(Optional service)

Four security cameras can be connected.
The security camera deters invaders from entering the solar power plant. It also allows you to monitor the site from home during bad weather, such as typhoons or snow.

When an invaider approaches the site, a human sensor is tripped, causing the camera to record an image, turn on the light, sound an alarm, and send a warning mail to the maintenance staff.

String level monitoring (Optional service)

Monitors the current and power for every string. When the system detects an abnormality in power generation, a warning email is sent to maintenance staff to help reduce or prevent losses in power generation.


Sky Keeper WEB version

Sky Keeper WEB is a lighter version of the software application used for monitoring power generation levels through the WEB. This version can be accessed using a PC, tablet, or smartphone connected to the internet.
*Login requires a user ID and password, which is set by the customer according to the contract procedures.

[Login image ]

Ideal for people who operate multiple sites!

Capable of monitoring multiple sites individually or in groups, it is the ideal service for people operating multiple low-voltage power generating facilities.

A trial version of Sky Keeper WEB is currently available. (Limited functionality)
User ID:demo Password: demo

Sky Keeper trial version

Monitoring system for low-voltage power generating facilities [Sky Keeper Lite]

Sky Keeper Lite allows monitoring of low-voltage power generating facilities far away from home using a PC, tablet, or smartphone connected to the internet.

[Web monitoring screen view]