Aiming for solutions to regional issues. [HEMS by DENKEN]

We want to help save energy. Furthermore, we want to provide ways for local communities to help watch over their children and elderly, as well as, communicate disaster information more easily. In order to accomplish this mission, we are developing our community friendly HEMS system in collaboration with local governments and businesses.

Product Points

To visualize energy

With numerical values and graphs being displayed in real time, easily identify peak power usage times, as well as, wasteful usage times. Allowing you to easily monitor your power usage will help you save more electricity.

Disaster information

Disaster information announced by local municipalities and public agencies is communicated through our tablet terminals.

Keep an eye on home residents

By observing changes in power consumption levels, easily stay aware if residents are healthy and safe.

ItemHEMS Gateway
Communication standardECHONET Lite
RatingPower-supply voltageDC5V/4W
DimensionsH*W*D34mm*180mm*100mm (Not including protrusion)
Measurement methodCT
*Data is acquired by measuring the current transferred through the home's breaker box.
Maximum allowed currentAC 100 Arms continuous
Nominal current ratio3000:1
Frequency10Hz to 5KHz
Diameter of wire that can be installedMax φ9.5mm
Accuracy+/-1.0%/Rated current
Dimensions and weight26.4mm*43.3mm*25.5mm 40g
Measurement typesingle-phase two-wire system
single-phase three-wire system
three-phase three-wire system
*The date is acquired from the smart meter
Types of data to be acquiredBased on specifications of the smart meter

*An internet connection is required to use HEMS.